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Tuesday, August 7, 2012
  How to hack into someones facebook account
But, once, I thought of using it against my friend on Facebook and amazingly what happened that i guessed his Facebook Password very easily by this method. I think many of you might be knowing how what this social engineering, For novice hackers, Social engineering is method of retrieving password or Guessing the password or answer of security question simply be hacking some information about the victim or simply gathering his information from his own Facebook and other social networking profiles where most of users provide their critical information just for fashion and doesn't know its consequences. You have to be very careful while using this as victim must not be aware of your intention. Just ask him cautiously using your logic.

Tweak Privacy Settings. Although Facebook is working hard to keep the site safe, still there are multiple instances of security breach. It would greatly help if you fine-tune the Privacy Settings on Facebook to control what information is visible to the public. The more information you allow people to see, the greater the risk on these information stolen. The only way to keep your photos private on the internet is to not post it. Privacy settings do not stop hackers from getting your private photos and posting them somewhere else. In fact, people get more curious when they see photos they cannot access. So if you have photos or information that can potentially ruin your life and dignity, do not put them on the internet.

Most important now most website ask that password should be alphanumeric now what users do they just adds 1,2,3 in their normal passwords and some more smart guys adds in their passwords and amazingly all in Sequence.

Note the above common passwords are not from any internet resource, its by my own case study that i have come to conclusion after hacking 19,788 emails accounts. I know now you want to know how i hacked so much accounts. As i have already mentioned for advanced hackers second option is best and the only thing that i did was just made my Keylogger USB and pendrive spreadable. Who ever used the infected USB drive also got infected and this procedure goes so on. And last what happened my 10Gb free storage was filled and i don't have enough time to clean it regularly.

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